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NAVFAC Design-Build Model Request for Proposal - Small Project Template


1.1 Post Award Kick-off Meeting (PAK)

Prior to commencement of design, and within 21 calendar days of award, meet with representatives of the Contracting Officer, installation and client to present the concept design for discussion and acceptance.  The project team will develop a mutual understanding relative to the approved proposal, safety program, environmental permits and requirements, quality control procedures, and design and construction schedule. During the meeting, Contractor must propose and gain acceptance for any critical path work activities requiring advance submittal and approval.  If the contract includes work on any fire protection system, including fire alarm and mass notification systems, the Contractor and the appropriate DOR must meet with the NAVFAC Fire Protection Engineer (FPE) to establish clear expectations of fire protection requirements of the project.

The Contractor's key personnel must attend including the Project Manager, Superintendent, Site Safety and Health officer, Construction Quality (CQ) Manager, Design Quality Control (DQC) Manager, Designer of Record (DOR), and major subcontractors.

1.2 Partnering

The Contracting Officer will organize initial and follow-up informal partnering sessions with key personnel of the project team, including Contractor's personnel and Government personnel.  The initial session may be a part of the PAK Meeting.  The initial partnering session will be conducted and facilitated using electronic media provided by the Contracting Officer.  Follow-on partnering sessions will be conducted every 6 months or less frequent as determined by the Contracting Officer.

1.3 Pre-Construction Conference

Prior to construction or demolition, meet with representatives of the Contracting Officer to discuss and develop mutual understanding relative to administration of the safety programs, environmental issues, safety of building occupants and surrounding area, hazardous materials, waste disposal, construction QC procedures, construction schedule, labor provisions and other construction phase contract procedures.

1.4 NAVFAC Red Zone Meeting (NRZ)

Participate in NAVFAC Red Zone (NRZ) meetings with the Contracting Officer to identify strategies to ensure the project is carried to expeditious closure and turnover to the client.  The Contracting Officer will provide a template to the Contractor to use to develop a NRZ Checklist.  Revise the template to include critical work activities and their planned completion dates based on the project scope of work and schedule.  Discuss any progress changes with items listed on the NRZ Checklist during regularly scheduled NRZ Meetings beginning approximately at 75% stage of construction prior to project completion.

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