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NAVFAC Design-Build Model Request for Proposal - Small Project Template


1.1 Schedule of Prices

Submit a schedule of prices for approval on forms furnished by the Government.  The initial schedule of prices may be preliminary for construction activities until the design is developed.  Include a detailed breakdown of the contract price with quantities and unit prices for each work activity or definable feature of work.  Include general conditions, profit, and overhead costs within the unit prices.  Break down into design and construction is required.  The Contractor may invoice for bonds once the Government has approved the bonds, however, no other requests for payment will be processed without an approved schedule of prices and baseline schedule.

NOTE:  Include construction category codes if applicable for DD Form 1354.




NOTE:Refer to UFC 3-810-01N, Navy and Marine Corps Environmental Engineering for Facility Construction to determine if unit pricing is required for the project. If required, edit UFGS 00 22 13.00 20, Supplementary Instructions to Offerors in accordance with FC 1-300-09N, Navy and Marine Corps Design Procedures, and include in Part 5.     

1.2 Contractor Invoices

Contractor requests for payment must conform and will be processed in accordance with the requirements of FAR 52.232-5 and FAR 52.232-27.

  1. Content of Invoice:  Requests for payment in accordance with the terms of the contract must consist of the following: (If NFAS Clause 5252.232-9301 is present in the contract, documents must be provided as attachments in Wide Area Workflow (WAWF).  The maximum size limit per attachment is less than 2 megabytes, but there are no limits on the number of attachments.  If a document cannot be attached to WAWF due to system or size restrictions it must be provided as instructed by the contracting officer). If NFAS Clause 5252.232.9301 is not present in the contract, follow the invoicing instructions provided in the contract.
    1. Contractor's Invoice on NAVFAC Form 7300/30, must show, in summary form, the basis for arriving at the amount of the invoice.
    2. Contractor's Estimate for Voucher/ Contract Performance Statement on NAVFAC Form 7300/31 furnished by the Government, showing in detail: the estimated cost, percentage of completion, and value of completed performance for each of the construction categories stated in this contract. Use NAVFAC LANT Form 4-330/110 (New 7/84) on NAVFAC Atlantic contracts when a Monthly Estimate for Voucher is required.
    3. Affidavit to accompany invoice (LANTDIV NORVA Form 4-4235/4 (Rev. 5/81)).
    4. Updated copy of submittal register.
    5. Updated copy of progress schedule. Furnish as specified in "FAR 52.236-15, Schedules for Construction Contracts."
    6. Contractor Safety Self Evaluation Checklist (original)
    7. Final release (for final payment only). Final invoice must be accompanied by the certification required by DFARS 252.247.7023 TRANSPORTATION OF SUPPLIES BY SEA, and the Contractor's Final Release.
  2. Payment:
    1. Payment will be made on Contractor's submission of itemized requests and will be subject to reduction for overpayments or increased for underpayments from previous payments. The Government may withhold payment or reduce payments for the following:
      1. Defects in material or workmanship.
      2. Claims the Government may have against the Contractor under or in connection with this contract.
      3. Contractor's failure to submit an updated schedule.
      4. Payroll violations.
      5. Unless otherwise adjusted, repayment to the Government upon demand for overpayments made to the Contractor.
    2. Payments may be made for materials, stored off construction sites, under the following conditions:

      NOTE:  List Conditions when payment for off-site material will be allowed. Note that RFP Part 1 must include relevant clauses for payment of material stored off-site.

      1. [_____ Materials to be considered for progress payment prior to installation must be located and stored within 20 miles by streets and roads of the construction site.]
      2. Materials adequately insured and protected from theft and exposure.  Payment requests for offsite materials must include the consent of surety.
      3. Materials not susceptible to deterioration or physical damage in storage or in transit to the job site are acceptable for progress payments. Items such as steel, machinery, pipe and fittings and electrical cable are acceptable, but items such as gypsum board; glass, insulation and wall covering are not.
      4. Materials in transit to the job or storage site are not acceptable for payment.
      5. Conditions specified in FAR 52.232-5(b) Payments Under Fixed Price Construction Contracts.

1.3 Budget Management

The Contractor must be responsible for budget management throughout the entire project.  It is the intent of the Government to partner with the Contractor to maximize project value while strictly controlling contract modifications and maintaining overall fiscal control. When required, develop a Budget Management System for each phase of the design.

NOTE:  Include following paragraph if Budget Management is required for this project.

[This project requires a Budget Management System be developed and maintained.  The Budget Management System must represent major portions of the work such as HVAC, site work, and exterior skin.  The purpose of budget management is to balance scope and value during critical project design decisions.  Update the budget management status at regular intervals during design, at a minimum with design submittals, for review by and discussion with the COR.]

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