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NAVFAC Design-Build Model Request for Proposal - Small Project Template


1.1 Existing Underground Utilities

Verify on-site utilities and have them marked out by a third party utility locator service prior to the start of construction. Determine the elevations of existing utilities and underground obstructions indicated as existing to remain in locations to be traversed by new utilities and other work provided herein before new work is laid closer than the nearest manhole or other structure at which an adjustment in grade could be made. Where dig permits are required, obtain permits and notify the Contracting Officer 30 calendar days prior to any excavation.

Maintain all utility markings for the duration of the contract.

NOTE:  Include special requirements, such as for dig permits and station requirements.

[a.  Special Requirements:

   1) [_____] ]

1.2 Work Hours, Access and Passes

All Contractor employees, including subcontractors, subcontractors' employees, suppliers, and suppliers' employees are required to comply with the Installation Security Requirements regarding personnel, vehicle, and equipment security passes and access to the jobsite. Nothing in the contract is to be construed in any way to limit the authority of the Commanding Officer to prescribe new, or to enforce existing security regulations governing the admission or exclusion of persons and the conduct of persons while aboard the station, including but not limited to, the rights of search of all persons or vehicles aboard the station.

Coordinate with the Contracting Officer for specific security and access requirements.

  1. Access to Buildings / Occupied Buildings: The Contractor may work in or around existing occupied buildings. The Contractor is responsible, via the Contracting Officer, to obtain access to building and facilities and arrange for them to be opened and closed. Do not enter the building(s) without prior approval of the Contracting Officer. Keep the existing buildings and their contents secure at all times. Provide temporary closures as required to maintain security. Contract personnel will not be permitted in security-regulated buildings or areas unless cleared by the Security Officer.
  2. Passes and Badges: Contractor employees and representatives performing work under this contract are required to be either United States citizens or documented legal residents (status verified by prime contractor). All Contractor employees must obtain the required employee and vehicle passes. Each employee is required to wear the Government issued badge over the front of the outer clothing. Failure to obtain security and base access passes must not be a cause for contract performance time extension. The Contractor is required to immediately turn in all terminated employee's badges to the issuing office.

    NOTE:  Use this paragraph for Navy installations, with the exception of overseas locations that do not employ the Defense Biometric Identification System (DBIDS).  Confirm with installation security office and tailor DBIDS project requirements to local policy.

    Obtain access to Navy installations through participation in the Defense Biometrics Identification System (DBIDS). Requirements for Contractor employee registration, and transition for employees currently under Navy Commercial Access Control System (NCACS), are available at  No fees are associated with obtaining a DBIDS credential. Participation in the DBIDS is not mandatory, and Contractor personnel may apply for One-Day Passes at the Base Visitor Control Office to access an installation.

    Registration for DBIDS includes: Present a letter or official award document (i.e. DD Form 1155 or SF 1442) from the Contracting Officer, that provides the purpose for access, to the base Visitor Control Center representative.

    • Present valid identification, such as a passport or Real ID Act-compliant state driver's license
    • Provide completed SECNAV FORM 5512/1 to the base Visitor Control Center representative to obtain a background check. This form is available for download at
    • Upon successful completion of the background check, the Government will complete the DBIDS enrollment process, which includes Contractor employee photo, finger prints, base restriction and several other assessments
    • Upon successful completion of the enrollment process, the Contractor employee will be issued a DBIDS credential, and will be allowed to proceed to worksite

    DBIDS Eligibility Requirements: Throughout the length of the contract, the Contractor employee must continue to meet background screen standards. Periodic background screenings are conducted to verify continued DBIDS participation and installation access privileges. DBIDS access privileges will be immediately suspended or revoked if at any time a Contractor employee becomes ineligible. An adjudication process may be initiated when a background screen failure results in disqualification from participation in the DBIDS, and Contractor employee does not agree with the reason for disqualification. The Government is the final authority.

    DBIDS Notification Requirements: Immediately report instances of lost or stolen badges to the Contracting Officer. Immediately collect DBIDS credentials and notify the Contracting Officer in writing under the following circumstances: (1) An employee has departed the company without having properly returned or surrendered their DBIDS credentials. (2) There is a reasonable basis to conclude that an employee, or former employee, might pose a risk, compromise, or threat to the safety or security of the Installation or anyone therein.

  3. Contractor Vehicles: All vehicles must display a valid state license plate and safety inspection sticker, if applicable, and must be maintained in good repair. The company name must be displayed in a clearly visible manner and size on each Contractor vehicle used in the course of work. [Registration, proof of insurance and driver's licenses are required to obtain a station vehicle pass.]

    NOTE:  Include any phasing requirements; define work hours if different from 0630-1700 Monday through Friday.

  4. Work Hours: Unless otherwise indicated, work will be located on a Government compound, military installation, or station. Contractor work hours are between 0700 and 1530 [_____] Monday through Friday. Obtain advance approval from the Contracting Officer for Contractor personnel to remain on site beyond normal working hours. Notify the Contracting Officer at least 48 hours in advance to obtain approval for access to the jobsite or work outside of normal working hours or on Saturday, Sunday, and Federal Holidays.
  5. Contractor Personnel: Provide the Contracting Officer the name(s) of the supervisory person(s) authorized to act for the Contractor. Provide, and update as required, a list of the key personnel for the Contractor and subcontractors including addresses and telephone numbers for use in the event of an emergency.

  6. Contractor employees must conduct themselves in a proper, efficient, courteous and businesslike manner. Remove from the site any individual whose continued employment is deemed by the Contracting Officer to be contrary to the public interest or inconsistent with the best interests of National Security.

NOTE:  For projects at the following installations, there are special access requirements that can be copied into this section from the standard template:  MCBH Kaneohe Bay; NAS Patuxent River, MD; FISC Pearl Harbor; Norfolk Naval Shipyard (NNSY); Naval Observatory (NOBSY); NSWC Dahlgren, VA; NSWC Indian Head, MD; NSS Washington, DC; NRL Washington, DC; MCB Quantico, VA; NSF Thurmont, MD; Bolling AFB Washington, DC; NWS Yorktown, VA; AFETA Williamsburg, VA; NAS Oceana, Virginia Beach, VA; FTCLANT Dam Neck, Virginia Beach, VA; NSGA Northwest, Chesapeake, VA; Wallops Island, VA; Camp LeJeune, NC; MCAS Cherry Point, NC; Guam; Diego Garcia; Wake Island; Johnson Island.

1.3 Security Requirements

All security requirements apply to all subcontractors and suppliers associated with this contract.  [Special or extraordinary security requirements are identified herein.]  Comply with the following [in addition to special or extraordinary security requirements]:

  1. Do not publicly disclose any information concerning any aspect of the materials or services relating to this contract, without prior written approval of the Contracting Officer.
  2. Do not disclose or cause to be disseminated any information concerning the operations of the activity's security or interrupt the continuity of its operations.
  3. Do not disclose any information to any person not entitled to receive it. Failure to safeguard any classified information that may come to the Contractor or any person under his control, may subject the Contractor, his agents or employees to criminal liability under 18 U.S.C., Sections 793 and 798.
  4. Direct to the Contracting Officer and or Installation Security Officer for resolution all inquiries, comments or complaints arising from any matter observed, experienced, or learned as a result of or in connection with the performance of this contract, the resolution of which may require the dissemination of official information.
  5. Coordinate photography requirements with the Contracting Officer. Some areas restrict or prohibit photographing Government property.

NOTE:  Include special security requirements, such as escorts required.

   [f.  Military escorts are required in the following spaces: _____]

Deviations from or violations of any of the provisions of this paragraph, will, in addition to all other criminal and civil remedies provided by law, subject the Contractor to immediate termination for default and withdrawal of the Government's acceptance and approval of employment of the individuals involved.

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